Producer Groups / Organisations

As we all know running a producer group requires a lot of time and commitment – two factors that are not readily available on busy Irish farms.

At Tradeforus, we make life much easier for members of any producer groups – allowing the group to prosper and grow.

Our platform, along with our knowledge and expertise, lends a professional and structured approach to these groups, while always keeping the farmers’ vision and focus to the fore.

While the first and perhaps most important aim of a farmer producer group is to achieve a price premium, we also believe a successful group will produce a better-quality, consistent product – giving members a sense of pride and increased motivation.

Our flexibility provides a tailored solution to the needs of any group or organisation, while our in-house team can start progressive farmers on their formal producer group journey – providing advice and taking care of associated paperwork.

If you are co-ordinating or running a producer group, get in touch today to see how Tradeforus can add value by reducing the workload in terms of administration and management, while providing a tool to enable growth. We also work closely with a Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine approved PO facilitator who can start the group on its journey.